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Casting Cleaning

Whether you need to clean aluminum investment castings (right) or remove burned-in core sand from iron sand castings, Kolene Corporation has a process for you.

We offer a broad range of Kastech® processes that can dissolve or leech shell and core residues from investment castings and dissolve burned-in core sands.  Our Kastech Electrolytic™ process (also referenced as Kolene No. 4E or Electrolytic) is widely specified to
remove exposed graphite from cast iron surfaces to prepare the casting for brazing and coating operations.

Unique process chemistries coupled with purpose-specific salt bath equipment make for efficient cleaning.  Process throughput is geared to your production needs, ranging from smaller unitized equipment with integrated manually operated material handling, to sophisticated automated cleaning lines for high production capacities without compromising cleaning performance.

Kolene also offers casting cleaning services for our Kastech Electrolytic cast iron and also for aluminum investment castings.  

Contact us today by phone or email to discuss your casting cleaning needs.  For more detailed information, process videos, animations, and other support information, visit
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